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Park 1! DA42-N822SA Left Crosswind Departure KUGN
Park 2! Curiosity Tours Mars
Park 3! FTC RobotC Programmer
Park 4! Helming Paprika Lake Michigan
Park 5! What's Xcode again????


* UWMAstroClub - on Facebook.

* - Good general science news.

* Laniakea Supercluster (Youtube) - Video showing rotating 3D model.

* theskylive - The solar system live and reference.



* Astronomy Club at UWM and the current schedule.

* GLEAMOSCOPE  Milky Way throughout the EM Spectrum

*  General Physics, Nanotech, Astronomy, Chem, Bio.

* Astropy - Astronomical Calculations in Python!

* - Open Source environment for Statistical Computing.


 Physics Related

* NASA's Eyes - Earth, Solar System, Universe Visualization

* CGCA at UWM. * Physics Forum * Another Forum * Grad Forum



rspic1rspic2I'm a Student of music, all kinds of course. My server maintains a short list of music playable online for comparative educational purposes only, but a good listen, with lyrics, when available. So, if you find yourself with a good connection speed and want to compare notes, here's a link from another one of my servers. 



Astro Phenomenon

With increasing numbers of survey satellites observing our sun, earth, and much of our solar system, we can only reason there will be copious amounts of unknown data collected. All new discoveries are exciting and automatically beg rationalizations which inevitably lead to premature wildly speculative assumptions. Most observations inevitably become explainable even understandable, given enough exploration and time. These are a few links of current observations I find interesting and remain hopeful for further study:

* NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory

Sun CME 2014

* - One explanation of CME with unknown sphere attached.

* You Tube Video  of same CME.

* - Sounds from space, earth, rockets, etc.

* - Earth Observation Portal - Most Satellite surveys.

* More to come 


clear dark sky legend

Miscellaneous links:

Halcyon Maps - Best info graphics covering most subjects.

Physics Ed Charts - Science charts for education.

Optics - Optics and Photonics News.

Windturbinezone - Wind Power portal.

Beyond Nuclear - Nuclear News.

-UWM Manfred Olsen Planetarium (NZP Cover Pg 2)

-UWM Manfred Olsen Planetarium (NZP Detail)

Nik Approaching KUGN in Diamond DA42

Aviation's view . . .

. . . is spectacular and all the effort to learn how to fly rewards one beyond it's cost. Link to the YouTube video of this approach to Waukegan, IL. airport, KUGN, in this Diamond DA42 called N822SA. This was my first flight in four years in a twin engine aircraft and first flight in the DA42 series. So cut me a little slack on the strong crosswind landing on the ILS23 with winds 270@12G20. I actually started flying when I was big enough to reach the rudder pedals back in 2009, here on YouTube flying my first Cessna 152 out of Waukesha County airport KUES. It was a bumpy day. Most recent flight at Watertown, WI, also in a C152. On my sixteenth birthday Capt. Robert Kluever introduced me to Delta's old B737 and current B777, which he flys on Pacific routes. My solo at KRYV on July 30th, 2017 in C152 - 94429.


Sailing Paprika

Captain Robert Kluever ( DAL Boeing 777) maintains this excellent Tartan 37 up in Door County, Wisconsin, which he allows me to helm, navigate, sheet sails and power up the auxiliary, every summer. I've been doing this since I was about seven years old. Nothing beats sailing on Lake Michigan in the summer, especially when there's a good wind and no engine sound.

Nik Prusinski helming Paprika Fish Creek Wisconsin



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