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DA42-N822SA Left Crosswind Departure KUGN
Curiosity Tours Mars
Boeing 777 at Delta Sim Center
Helming Paprika Lake Michigan
UWM Stargazing Deck 14" Telescope


I'm Nik; a university student from the Saint Francis, Wisconsin area. I've slowly discovered sharing information makes our world a better place - I know talking with other people, sharing ideas, and then publishing them, has always helped me explore new territory. So, I've decided to share some of the items I've learned so far with anyone else who wants it.


Learning is self rewarding, and teaching, even more so. I believe these are two of humanities best practices.


On my website, you'll find my CV, a research page summarizing some of my research in astrophysics to date, a recreation page, a robotics page highlighting my work during middle and high school, as well as contact information.


Thanks for visiting my site with all it's links and coding for comparative educational purposes. I'm open to discussion on/off topic by email at: Nikolaus Zen Prusinski. Some areas of interest include astrophysics, mathematics, music, aviation, and sailing.

Good Advice

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."

Mohandas K. Gandhi

"He has honor if he holds himself to an ideal of conduct though it is inconvenient, unprofitable, or dangerous to do so."

Walter Lippmann

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding".

Albert Einstein

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Plato (428-348)

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return."

Leonardo da Vinci


When I get the chance I love to play classical music, I play the Trumpet, French Horn and the Piano, surely at home, but especially at Discovery World on Milwaukee's Lake front, up in the Pilot House. The view's great and the sound of a real baby grand piano . . . well if you ever get the chance - visit Discovery World in Milwaukee, it's a fun place for more than it's great views of Lake Michigan. Here's a link to our last concert.



FTC season 2013-2014, I worked with Ryan (right) at the Madison FTC Scrimmage where Zen-42 (6914-B) performed very well with Ryan driving to a 213 point high score, including a double chin-up hang. Combined, Ryan's driving and my  autonomous programming (RobotC) placed our team in the top third overall out of eight scrimmages with other teams. Google® sponsored the event, thank you! But that doesn't mean we support their corporate behavior or information sales.


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Peace is ethical - War insanity.


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